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If you are familiar with the software development cycle, you might as well familiar with the term “Test-Driven Development”. To those of you who are new in the field, well, welcome aboard! I’ll explain what you need to know about Test-Driven Development.

What is Test-Driven Development?

Test-Driven Development is a software development approach where there are test cases developed to specify and validate what the implementation code will do. In short, test cases are created and tested first, and when it fails, then that's the time we write the new code to pass the tests.

The process of TDD starts with developing tests for…

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Have you ever seen a user interface where it looks so so good and convenient to use that you wonder how can someone make such a good design? Well, it takes a long journey to create a good design, and I’m here to guide you through one! Let’s go!

Creating a Wireframe

Assuming that you already know what you’re going to make, you can make a wireframe to layout the interface. According to,

A wireframe is a two-dimensional skeletal outline of a webpage or app. …

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Hello there, welcome to an episode of Clean code! In this episode, we will talk about everything you need to know about applying the clean code to your code, of course.

For starters, let’s talk about what clean code is and what makes it so “clean.” As Robert C. Martin stated in his book Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship,

“Clean code is code that has been taken care of. Someone has taken the time to keep it simple and orderly. They have paid appropriate attention to details. They have cared.”

there is also another quotation from Bjarne…

In the so-called “tech” world, everything moves really fast. There will always be something new every day, such as new technology, new knowledge, new trends, new needs, and the product needs to adapt to these changes quickly to stay up to date. But the thing is, you can’t make a product in just several days. So, how do things work?

Nowadays, every technology organization seems to practice the agile methodology for software development, or they believe they do. According to Oxford Dictionary, Agile means “able to move quickly and easily.” Martin Fowler and the other 16 developers must have aimed…

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Have you ever heard about Sherlock Holmes? Yep, the detective. Or should I say consulting detective? He lives in Baker Street, 221 B. His roommate is John Watson, who used to be a doctor in the army. Sherlock thinks really fast, extremely observative, and accurate about his deduction. I can tell you so much about the great Sherlock Holmes, like his habits or how he dressed, but then I will tell you that he is a fictional character. All of this explanation, and you might be thinking, so what?

Now going to the actual topic, I will introduce you to…

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Dalam pengembangan suatu perangkat lunak, mungkin seringkali kita mendengar istilah version control dan git. Konon, git memudahkan proses pengembangan perangkat lunak secara kolaboratif. Sebelum mengetahui cara kerja dari git, mari membahas apa sih Git itu?

Apa Itu Git?

Diambil dari, Git merupakan salah satu jenis version control system yang gratis dan open-source yang dirancang untuk menangani semua projek, mulai dari kecil hingga besar, dengan kecepatan dan efisiensi. Dari penjelasan tersebut muncul sebuah istilah baru yang mungkin terdengar asing, yaitu version control system. Jadi, apa itu version control system?

Version control system (VCS) adalah sistem yang merekam perubahan yang dilakukan pada suatu atau…

Di era digitalisasi ini, internet sudah merambah ke hampir seluruh aspek kehidupan, sehingga kita tak terhindarkan untuk menjadi pengguna tiap harinya. Besarnya kebutuhan pengguna suatu website yang sudah mumpuni tentunya menimbulkan suatu pertanyaan, “Bagaimana caranya suatu website dapat melayani seluruh penggunanya dengan cepat dan tanpa error?”

High Availability adalah jawabannya. Website-website besar yang dikunjungi jutaan orang tiap harinya memiliki high availability yang membuat website dapat berjalan dengan lancar walau dalam keadaan traffic yang ramai.

High Availabillity adalah sebuah istilah yang digunakan untuk sebuah sistem yang dapat bekerja dengan daya tahan yang baik, bekerja sempurna tanpa kesalahan dalam waktu yang lama…

Naura Azka

Computer Science, University of Indonesia

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