The One Who Understands

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

As someone who is working with software development, we must have faced a situation where we need to work with a lot of people. Because, unlike paintings or pictures, a software is not a one-man’s work. It takes a lot of effort and time from many people with their expertise to make a good product. Communicating well is the least you can do to help the process. That is why in this article, we will talk about people person and you can see how it would benefit your team for you as a person. Have you ever heard about it?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, People person is a term for

someone who is friendly and enjoys meeting and talking to people

It is easier for a people person to make friends and maintain a relationship. With this quality, they usually have a very active social life and are happier in general.

Here are some of people person characteristics you can learn about and try to be one:

  1. Good at greetings — A people person will smile when they greet you and makes you smile back to them. You can also tell by the way they shake hands, a people person tend to hold your hand with both of their hands. It gives a warm feeling that people like. If you want to practice it, don't do it at formal events like meeting or interview
  2. A good listener — It is well-known that listening is the main aspect of good communication. What makes it different is a people person will only focus on you when you talk and listen actively. So not only they listen to what you are saying, but they also enjoy the conversation and give a good response.
  3. Show a humble attitude —People don't really like when a person keeps bragging about themselves, they prefer someone who is humble and looks more humane. And that is what a people person usually do, they show a humble attitude by acknowledging others value and interested in them
  4. Remember the details — Have you ever meet someone that still remembers a little detail you told them before? Well, a people person tend to do that. As good listener, they genuinely interested in the conversation, therefore they can remember the details well.

How to be a people person

There isn't any specific way to do it, but here are some tips you might want to try:

  1. Make others feel important — As mentioned before, a people person tend to pay attention, and that applies to other people as well.
  2. Be willing to help — Look for ways to help others every day
  3. Be interested in others interest — You can learn about other people’s interest and start paying attention to them, it makes people feel more appreciated.
  4. Be quiet when listening — People found it annoying when someone cuts off the conversation when they're not done speaking. It shows that you only think about how to respond, rather than paying attention. Try to be mindful when you talk and responsive in discussions.
  5. Watch your tone — You may don't realize this, but a tone in conversation do matters. A same sentence can be interpreted differently depending on the tone you use when you speak.

Now, are you ready to be a people person? The key is to try first and don't be afraid!

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